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Online GED Preparatory Courses

GED Preparatory Math

Sharpen students’ math skills with GED Preparatory Math for grades 9-12! A great prep course, this eight-unit elective includes quizzes and tests and covers algebra, geometry, graphing, equations, stats, probability, and word problems. This computer-based course develops skills in fractions, percents, measurements, multiple step problems, and factoring. Projects and multimedia tools also are included!

GED Preparatory Language Arts

Prepare students for testing with GED Preparatory Language Arts for grades 9-12!  This computer-based, four-unit elective includes projects, quizzes, and tests and reinforces the main aspects of communication: writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Students review grammar, punctuation, paragraph structure, multiple writing styles, and methods of organization. The course also includes topics like papers, essays, literature genres, spelling, and language history!

GED Preparatory Science

Get students ready for the GED with GED Preparatory Science for grades 9-12! This computer-based, four-unit elective includes projects, quizzes, and tests and promotes strong secondary reading and critical thinking skills with scientific materials. Multimedia-enriched lessons cover Earth and space science, life science, and physical science. Students also review astronomy, matter, energy, machines, and biology!

GED Preparatory History and Geography

Prepare students for examination with GED Preparatory History & Geography for grades 9-12! This computer-based, four-unit elective includes quizzes and tests and develops strong secondary reading and critical thinking skills with social studies materials. The course’s valuable content includes anthropology, sociology, American and world history, government, economics, and geography. Students also learn to interpret graphs, maps, and diagrams!

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